Learn to play violin or fiddle with
our first position fingerboard poster.

This 18" x 24" color poster shows you the first position music staff natural notes, where to find them on your violin fingerboard and how to find the sharps and flats. The violin note chart includes our unique and easy to understand violin tablature. The first position violin poster, together with the Fretless Finger Guide®, gives you a no-miss road map of your fingerboard.

Learn violin or fiddle note locations, scales and songs quickly with this easy to use fingerboard chart.

image of first position violin music staff and fingerboard notes poster

Poster shows:

  • First position natural notes on the music staff and where they are located on the fingerboard
  • An explanation of how to find the first position sharps and flats on your fingerboard
  • How to locate the notes in scores or sheet music composed for first position
  • How to effortlessly find the notes in first position violin scales
  • The locations of the notes for the individual strings
  • Complete instructions for how to find any first position note
  • Introduction to Fretless Finger Guides® proprietary violin tablature
  • Easy to understand color coded notation; all A's are red, all B's are blue, Etc.

Get to know your violin or fiddle fingerboard quickly and easily.

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