Learn how to play violin or how to fiddle using our first position fingering chart that goes right on your fingerboard.

This short video shows you how to put the Guide on and how to easily find the notes on your violin fingerboard and the music staff.

Visit our Instructional Video page for more.
Compare first position violin decal note locators and
violin tapes with the Fretless Finger Guide®

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See how easy it is with our Learning Method and Violin Sheet Music Songbook.

See our First Position Fingerboard Poster for Violin and Fiddle. This quick reference poster shows you where the first position notes are on your violin and on sheet music - at a glance.

learn how to play violin or how to fiddle first position fingering chart better than violin fingerboard tapes or finger position markers image

Learn how to play violin or fiddle with the best fingerboard position marker available.

See how easy it is to put the Guide on a violin or fiddle.

See how easy it is to use the Fretless Finger Guide®.

See our most recently posted easy violin song.

See our christmas songs and our beginner Christmas sheet music for violin.

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Proudly made in the USA


  • The Guide is one piece, made of clear cling vinyl

  • No need to loosen or remove the strings to put it on

  • Easy on, easy off. Goes on in seconds

  • Uses no glues or adhesives, clings to itself not to your instrument

  • Never use sticky violin finger tapes or position marker strips again

Put It On And Play!

Learn how to play violin and how to fiddle with this revolutionary one-piece reusable fingering chart that goes right on your fingerboard. Fiddle or violin lessons are easy and fun with the Fretless Finger Guide®. By far the fastest and easiest way to learn violin or fiddle.Fretless Finger Guide® full size violin first position fingering guide chart note locator

Shows natural note locations, plus sharps and flats, giving a visual fiddle or violin fingering chart of the notes. Makes learning to read violin music and fiddle music easy and fun. Helps you learn to play fiddle or violin scales quickly and play songs easily. Get fiddle or violin help right on your fingerboard.

Our fiddle or violin learning guide is a wonderful tool by itself or in combination with teacher assisted or online fiddle or violin instruction. Read an informative article courtesy of "The Music Trades" magazine highlighting the product and its inventor. These violin finger position markers have helped thousands learn where the notes are on the music staff and the fiddle and violin fingerboard. Fretless Finger Guides® are superior to gummy violin finger tapes and violin position marker strips.

This sheet music for "Marianne" features our Color Coded Violin Tablature™ that works with the Fretless Finger Guide®. Visit our "How To Use It" page for more information.

Color coded violin sheet music of "Marianne"

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This item is great for beginners trying to teach themselves! Fast shipping too!

This is so awesome. What an excellent tool! Thanks.

Very helpful, a wonderful product! Thank you!

Wonderful work my friend. thank you :D 5 stars and two thumbs up :D

This thing really works

Just got it and seeing improvement already. Thank you.

Very pleased with color coded book/guide chart. Solves many questions. Thankyou

Setup was dummy proof easy, can't wait to start playing

Awesome! If you are wondering if this is really helpful, the answer is yes.

Good quality finger guide!! Very very helpful!! Thank you so much!!

Wonderful, I'm so much better at playing the violin now. Thank you.

[The] Fretless finger guide is a great tool for beginners learning to play the fiddle.

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