Fretless Finger Guide® for
Three Quarter (3/4) Size Violin
with a 310mm (approx. 12.2")
scale/string length.

This violin fingering guide covers seven intervals and shows the natural, sharp and flat notes for first position. This is undeniably the best way to learn violin. The 3/4 Guide features the same unique qualities as the original Guides.


first position violin finger board marker for three quarter 3/4 size violin from Fretles Finger Guides

  • One piece, reusable clear cling vinyl
  • Installs in seconds
  • Uses no glue or adhesive
  • Leaves no sticky mess on your fingerboard
  • Sticks to itself not your instrument
  • No need to loosen strings to put it on
  • Better than violin position marker strips or violin finger tapes
  • Unique color coding helps you learn to play violin songs and scales
  • Accurately accelerates finger memory
  • Does not affect tonal quality or playability
  • Takes the mystery out of the fingerboard

See how easy it is to put the Guide on your violin.
See how easy it is to use the Fretless Finger Guide®.

This Guide works best with three quarter (3/4) size violins that have a string length
(or scale length) of 310 millimeters

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