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Our main goal has been to find a way for beginning violin instructors to efficiently and effectively give their students a "road map" of the note locations on the violin fingerboard.  To help violin instructors make it easy for students and novice players to understand and see, with their own eyes, where the notes are right on the instrument in a way that was better than what was currently on the market. We firmly believe that qualified music instructors and our Fretless Finger Guides® can help anyone learn to play easily and quickly understand the language of music. The benefit of having a qualified violin instructor, capable of using our color coded device, working with a beginning violin player is immense.

It has been said that the fastest way to lose a young persons interest is to bore them. Our note map helps the instructor get the student playing the "good stuff" faster so the boredom factor can be held to a minimum. Accelerating the learning curve for the novice elevates them to a level that they can find interesting and challenging before boredom strikes.

Take a moment and visit our how to use it page for a more detailed explanation of how the Fretless Finger Guide® works with violin sheet music. This method is by far the fastest way for a student to learn where the natural notes, sharps and flats are on the violin fingerboard. Visit our how to put it on page to see how easy it is to put the Guide on a fingerboard. Easy on, easy off means an instructor can show a student a particular piece or scale, then remove the Guide and have the student commit the passage to memory.

Please visit our Music and the Mind page for information and articles that illuminate the undeniable positive connection between music and the mind. We regularly solicit our law makers to bolster music programs in our state. We hope you do the same.